Georgia Citrus Commission Seeking Nominations for Commission Positions

The newly created Georgia Citrus Commission is seeking nominations for consideration for appointment to the Georgia Citrus Commission.

The Georgia Citrus Commission was created during the 2023 Georgia legislative session at the request of the Georgia Citrus growers. The bill was signed into law by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and became official on Tuesday, April 18th.

The Commission was created to support Georgia’s growing citrus industry by eventually being able to provide financial support from assessments on product marketed for research, education, and promotion of Georgia citrus. The assessment will be authorized by the approval of the producers of a Citrus Marketing Order at a later date. The University of Georgia has committed to hiring several citrus specialists to work on breeding of varieties and horticultural and production issues.

The Georgia Citrus Commission Board will be composed of five Georgia producers. These individuals will serve terms of three years and can be reappointed if they choose. They must be producers of citrus and have a minimum of five acres of trees. Nominations can be from the individual seeking the appointment, a person nominating another person, or a nomination from an affiliated organization.

Nomination forms can be found at:, or by emailing [email protected].

Nominations are due no later than Friday May 26th.

For more information contact Andy Harrison at the above email or call at 404-710-1196.