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Georgia growers are entering the citrus industry, an innovative move from the traditional fruits and produce for this state. Citrus presents an opportunity for growers and nurseries who may be interested in diversifying.

Why is the citrus industry growing in Georgia?

By the end of planting season in 2021, we anticipate there to be nearly 391,000 citrus trees planted in the state of Georgia.  Just 8 short years ago that number was 4500 trees.  This exponential growth is driven by several factors:

  • Traditional farmers are looking for crop diversification
  • Family farmers find that citrus is a manageable small operation crop they can do together
  • Our climate and conditions are ripe for reward
  • Our state is not rampant with citrus disease 
  • The willingness of the growers to maximize the opportunity
  • The support we are receiving from UGA and other state agencies

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